The UK Sherborne Association have designed a series of courses from beginner to advanced level.

News: Upcoming Courses

Shown below are upcoming Sherborne Developmental Movement courses. Please click on the links to download the course poster for more information. To register for a course, download and complete the registration form.

Basic Level 1 Course

Sherborne Association Course Structure

Basic Level 1 Course

Minimum 6 hour introductory course on Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM)

Aim: to provide an overview of SDM

Prerequisites: none

Basic Level 2 Course

Minimum 6 hour follow-up course.

Aim: to share and reflect on practice; to develop observation and analysis skills; to develop planning and management skills; to extend personal movement vocabulary


  1. Attendance at a Basic Level 1 course
  2. Minimum 6 months experience using SDM
  3. Submit to tutor at least 10 days prior to course a registration form giving details of prior SDM experience, client group, any queries etc.

Advanced Practitioners Course (APC)

Internationally accredited 3 day residential course

Aim: to extend participants’ skillbase through a deepening awareness of SDM theory, philosophy, psychological aspects and application in various fields


  1. Attendance at Basic Course 1 & 2.
  2. To have been actively using SDM for at least a year post Level Two course.
  3. To have maintained a record of work done e.g. logbook, dated video, written record / photos, to be available for analysis during APC.
  4. To be a member of the Sherborne Association UK

International Course Leaders Certificate

International accreditation

Aim: To qualify participants to become Sherborne Association workshop / course leaders.This course is undertaken individually under the supervision of an Association Course Leader


  1. To have completed Advanced Practitioners Course
  2. To have at least 1 years practical experience in SDM since completing the Advanced Practitioners Course
  3. Participants are required to write an essay on agreed topic of between 2500 and 5000 words
  4. Participants are required to plan and lead a level 1 course
  5. To be a member of the Sherborne Association UK

International Course Leaders

International course leaders can run training sessions in Sherborne Developmental Movement Levels 1 and 2.

Many of our ICLs are prepared to travel beyond their ‘home county’. Please contact the association or alternatively contact the ICL directly to find out more information about organising training in your area.

Amy FowlerBirmingham
Michaela BullivantYorkshire
Jan FilerBristol
Denise HoulkerKent
Laura SomervilleNorth Devon
Liz TaplinWest Devon
Amanda TurnerSouth Devon
Liz MarsdenAyrshire
Cher MatherFlintshire
Veronica Burlinson (nee Shaw)London
Lizzie ChappellYorkshire
Louisa WhiteHampshire