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A Tribute to Caroline Robins
12th April 1961 – 15th January 2024

As committee members and friends of Caroline we were devastated by her loss in January this year. Caroline has been our secretary since she joined the committee 6 years ago. She worked tirelessly to record our meetings and often challenged our thinking and processes.

Caroline was passionate about Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM). Caroline joined our international community in 2022 in Bristol to become an Internationally Qualified Course Leader (IQCL). Caroline did deliver, alongside another IQCL Louisa White, the new training despite the challenge this caused her due to her failing health. This didn’t stop her delivering the training she was passionate about

Caroline’s family shared Caroline’s own words, at the celebration of her life, expressing what she felt about SDM.

“SDM enables me to offer movement challenges … in an enjoyable and creative way, through experiences with others……promoting and developing self confidence and self esteem and communication skills…..and facilitating the making of different types of relationships through moving with others in a safe, trusting atmosphere and environment.” CR

Caroline developed Sherborne based movement curriculum for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties and complex learning needs in her work at Rosewood and Great Oaks school. She was also the founder of the – Southampton Special Schools Sherborne Sharing Hub.

Caroline’s family have asked SA UK to set up a bursary to support future students in training to become IQCLs, funded by donations from the celebration for Caroline’s life.

The CAROLINE ROBINS BURSARY will be open to application later this year.

As Caroline’s brother told us at her celebration, Caroline lived 62 years of her life on a full throttle. We at SA UK have been privileged to have some of those full throttle years as part of our lives at SA UK.

Updated Training Structure

November, 2022

We are delighted to announce that the International Course Leaders (ICLs) in the UK were retrained alongside their International colleagues in Bristol in August 2022 to become Internationally Qualified Course Leaders (IQCLs).

This retraining event was designed to bring together all the experiences of the training that has been delivered across our community and future proof the training so that Veronica Sherborne’s intentions, understanding and ethos remain at its heart.

The new Internally Qualified Course Leaders in the UK are now ready to deliver the new training which is described further on the Training page.

Alleyne Cliff

Alleyne Cliff