This page provides information on Sherborne Developmental Movement News and Events.

Updated Training Structure

November, 2022

We are delighted to announce that the International Course Leaders (ICLs) in the UK were retrained alongside their International colleagues in Bristol in August 2022 to become Internationally Qualified Course Leaders (IQCLs).

This retraining event was designed to bring together all the experiences of the training that has been delivered across our community and future proof the training so that Veronica Sherborne’s intentions, understanding and ethos remain at its heart.

The new Internally Qualified Course Leaders in the UK are now ready to deliver the new training which is described further on the Training page.

Sherborne Developmental Movement and Coronavirus – December 2021 Update

December, 2021

At our SA UK committee meeting in December 2021 we further discussed SDM sessions and training going forward to 2022 where we feel we need to learn to live with Covid-19 and find safe and creative ways to use Veronica’s work that does not compromise its integrity. 

We are delighted that training has started to begin again with our ICLs. Protocols of: awareness of vaccine status of participants, wearing of masks when not engaged in movement according to the site policy of a training session and the use of LFTs before commencing a training event should all help to support training being safe for participants and the ICL.

Sherborne sessions in schools, colleges and community settings need to follow the setting’s Covid-19 protocols.

Alleyne Cliff

Alleyne Cliff


Sherborne Developmental Movement and Coronavirus – October 2020 Update

5th October, 2020

The recent Sherborne Association committee meeting on the 5th October discussed SDM during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, we continue to feel that it is not possible to provide COVID-secure SDM training. Online or virtual training is also not possible as the training has a strong practical element which is essential to understanding and learning to teach SDM.

However, please note that if a setting allows close contact and touch (e.g. within a bubble), SDM sessions can continue to take place subject to the setting’s own risk assessments.


Sherborne Developmental Movement and Coronavirus May 2020

18th May, 2020


The Sherborne Association UK would like to send you their thoughts and concerns to you at this new challenging time with the Coronavirus lockdown.

We met recently as a committee, on Zoom, and were all saddened by the fact that we are unable to practice our movement in our settings other than with our families in our households.

Our work as Sherborne practitioners focuses our movement around touch and so this makes it difficult outside our households. At the committee meeting we all look forward to a time when our precious work will continue again.

ICL Retraining 2020 – New Date

The decision, forced by the pandemic, was made to move the ICL retraining to the 5th to the 8th August 2021 in Bristol. We look forward to gathering there with our international course leaders.

In the meantime all Level 1 & 2 courses will be postponed until we know when it is safe to hold the courses.

We wish you a safe journey through this time.

With kind regards
Amanda Turner (Chair of SA UK) and the SA Committee

[This news story is also available in PDF here]

Upcoming Courses

14th August, 2018

New Level 1 and Level 2 courses are available in September, October and November. See the courses page for more information.

New Website

8th April, 2018

This is the first post on the new Sherborne Association website. We’ve moved hosting providers to Tsohost who kindly provide free hosting to UK charities. While moving the site, we’ve updated the look-and-feel and hopefully improved the navigation. Please let us know if you have any comments.